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Dengyel tibor


November 8, 1913 in Kolozsvàr (Hungary) became Romania after 1920, following the Trianon agreements

Academy of Fine Arts in Budapest, Rome and Julian Academy in Paris,
Belgian State Prize, Prix de Rome, Gold Diploma from the Academy of Fine Arts in Budapest.
Degrees of teacher (painting, drawing, restoration of paintings and pedagogy).
Studies of Art History at the University of Budapest.
In 1990, he obtained the Golden Diploma at the Academy of Fine Arts in Budapest.
Diploma of Diamond Academy of Fine Arts in Budapest posthumously in 2000

From the age of 14, parallel to the average studies, painting lessons by professors A. Ciupe and A. Popp, two known Romanian painters. Called, in 1930, to serve in the Romanian army (Romania having annexed the native region of the artist), Dengyel deserted and takes refuge in Hungary - Installation in Budapest, in 1935, and registration at the Academy of Fine Arts Arts. - Professor at the Academy of Fine Arts in Budapest. Enlisted in the Hungarian army - Prisoner of war by the Soviet Army in April 1945 - Arrival in Brussels in 1948, with a grant from the Hungarian State - Final installation in Belgium. - From 1949, stay in Paris and several trips in Europe. Execution of portraits - Restoration of the paintings of the St-Servais church in Schaerbeek - Restoration of paintings (Collection of the Baroness I. Thyssen) Bornemisza in Munich, Van Till Collection in The Hague etc ...
Member and administrator of the Association of Professional Painters of Belgium. Numerous exhibitions from 1948 to 2000, in Germany, Belgium, France, Hungary, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands ... Painted in 1955 the portrait of HM King Baudouin - Painted, in 1955, the portrait of Belgian Prime Minister A. Van Acker and begins a career as a portraitist. Performs about fifty portraits in the Netherlands.
Opening in 1965 of a private school of painting and restoration of paintings (around 600 students from all over the world attended his school).
Great retrospective exhibition, in 1997, in Budapest with 60 paintings and drawings.
Death in Brussels, May 31, 2000

National Gallery Budapest - Royal Library of Belgium - Binche Mask Museum, Collections Banca Monte Paschi Belgio, Castle Ste-Anne-Brussels.

In 1990, he obtained the Golden Diploma at the Academy of Fine Arts in Budapest. - Diamond Diploma Academy of Fine Arts in Budapest posthumously in 2000.
On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of his birth, three exhibitions were organized in Brussels in 2013: Headquarters of Banca Monte Paschi Belgio, Balassi Brussels Institute, and Gallery Pictura Aeterna (Sablon Brussels) under the patronage of HE Ambassador Kovacs from Hungary.

December 2014 - Portrait of King Baudouin, realized by the artist in 1955, offered, according to the wishes of Queen Fabiola, to the Tourist Office of Initiative and Promotion of Brussels.

His work