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Giacomello flavio


Born in Aviano (Province of Pordenone - Italy) on September 6, 1943

Diploma of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Brussels
Student of the painter Eugène De Bie for two years

Exhibitions in Belgium and abroad: USA, France, Italy, Morocco, Switzerland, England.

He is the organizer in 1990, 1994 and 1995 of the exhibition "Engraving at the Venetian and Belgian School" which brings together many artists Venetian engravers.

We can not say which discipline inspired the most the creation of this artist, devoted as much to painting, to engraving, to drawing, as to sculpture. As a painter and draftsman, he seems to be delighting himself in a quiet and unusual way - emanating from his still lifes adorned with shells of light - as well as in an exuberant but serious "commedia dell'Arte" like the drama unfolding under the mask. Venetian. His drawing, often executed in graphite, is of exquisite refinement, as evidenced by his nudes, "carved" with a caressing touch. Realistically applied in his engravings, he succeeds, when it emerges while playing on obscure light, to create strong, structured works.

At the time of the Renaissance, the Netherlands lived fruitful exchanges with Italy and the creators of North and South shone in their spiritual covenants. More discreet is today the dialogue with the artists of the Peninsula, but, on the other hand, a Europe with more open borders favors the establishment of artists from elsewhere.

His almost magical approach to the landscapes of Zermatt, Pully, Lausanne, Ouchy, Vevey will strike by the charm of the change of scenery and the "retro" side, well done to stimulate the romantic imagination.

Wherever he passes, he leaves a little of his diligence and ennobles, this time, his dreamy gaze, the Switzerland of the peaks so dear to the humanist minds who seek places of medication and comfort.

Paul Caso 1989

PHOTO: From left to right, the artist Flavio Giacomello, the wife of the Italian Ambassador, King Albert II, Queen Paola and the Italian Ambassador.

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