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Lyashchuk svitlana


Born in 1965, Svitlana Lyashchuk-Lebiga is a native of Kiev, cosmopolitan capital of Ukraine. In her family, plastic arts, music and literature were part of her life of every day. She studied at the National Fine Art Academy of Kiev. During her numerous travels abroad she meets many artists.

One may perceive a development in the work of this young artist. Her first works are still rooted in the Slavonic intrinsic values and give off a religious and humanistic link with the History, in the same time imposing and tragic of Ukraine and particularly Kiev.

Svitlana Lyashchuk-Lebiga admires artists like Oskar Kokoschka, Ilia Lefimovitch, Repine and Kasimir Malevitch. In her first works, the woman and the joy of living take up the first place. Later the artist gave us a more contemplation view of the nature which constitue her bright idea source. She shows us natural and intense impressions of naked landscapes, threatening and charming one may considered like expressions of her mood. Paintings, painted with a feverish stroke, give us an idea of her personnal perception of the nature.

His work