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Roffiaen jean francois (1820-1898)


ROFFIAEN, Jean François Xavier
Ypres, 1820 - Brussels, 1898

Painter of romantic landscapes, also aquafortiste. Pupil of F. Marinus in Namur, then F. Bossuet and P.L. Kuhnen in Brussels. After winning the landscape prize in Ghent in 1841, Roffian was appointed director of the drawing school of Dinant in 1842. There, he made a series of sketches of the banks of the Meuse. In 1845, the Genevois Calame exposes his landscapes in Brussels, so many revelations for Roffian who leaves for Switzerland. Specialist of alpine and Scottish landscapes treated with astonishing precision although archaic for the time, he is a great success in the Salons. A conscientious artist, he is also a scholar. Founder and then president of the Society of Malacology of Belgium, he was awarded honorary membership of Russian and Austrian scientific societies.
"Alain Jacob"

The years 1850-1860 are those of the best success: many sales in Belgium, Great Britain and the United States; works acquired by a shah of Persia, by the Belgian and British royal houses; a study trip to Scotland sponsored by Queen Victoria, but the unexpected death of Albert of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha makes it unfortunately obsolete (December 1861); reception as knight of the Order of Leopold (1869).

Works acquired by the Musée d'Orsay (Paris), The National Museums of France, The Museum of Fine Arts in Brussels, The Museum of Ixelles (Brussels), The Museum of Sacramento (USA), The Museum of the City of Dinant (Belgium), the Stedekijk Museum in Ypres (Belgium), the Vlaamse Kunst Collectie (Belgium), the Kunsthistorische Museum in Antwerp, Bruges, Ghent (Belgium) ....

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