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Potakov oleg


Oleg Potakov was born in 1962 in Chernyakhovka, (Kaliningrad region.)
In 1982 graduated from Ryazan Art College and in 1989 from Moscow Polygraph Institute. Regularly travels to northern Russia (Lake Kenozero.) In 1999, joined the Moscow Artists' Union. Regularly participates in exhibitions in Russia and abroad. His works are preserved in museums and galleries around the world.

The main part of Oleg’s themes is inspired by the nature of northern Russia, a unique lifestyle and traditions preserved for many centuries have inspired more than a generation of artists.

Oleg's works are meditation and reflection. It is usually not crowded in its landscapes, but there are industrious and durable houses of Russian villages, a chapel in the forest, a bath or a boat. Through uncomplicated landscapes, the artist admires village life and the harmony between man and nature.

His works appear in the collections of the
"Russian Federation National Foundation",
Ryazan National Art Museum
"National Art Museum" of Belgorod, ...

His work