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De bie eugène - composition


From 1947-1960 the artist lives in Guilvinec (Finistère)

In 1960 he returned to Brussels and embarked on the great composition.

However, every year, he stays in Brittany during the holidays.

During the summer of 1983, the De Bie couple are victims of a terrible car accident in Brittany. Madame De Bie dies on the spot and the painter dies a few days later at the Quimper Hospital. Marthe and Eugène De Bie are buried in the cemetery of Guilvinec (South Finistère).

"The Broken Coach" (photo - Hs / t - H 120 X L 160) premonitory work of the disappearance of De Bie?
This work, made 16 years before the death of the couple, represents a coach accident. The woman, dressed in white, flies to infinity while the wounded man tries to hold her back.

In 1985, Inauguration of a commemorative plaque on the facade of the Artist's house in Guilvinec and decision of the Town Hall to give the name of Eugene De Bie to a street of the Commune.

In 1983, shortly before his death, Eugène De Bie was one of the few living Belgian painters to be chosen to take part in the exhibition "DE BRUEGHEL A MAGRITTE" in Lausanne (Switzerland).

Numerous prizes and distinctions including the 1937 Prix de Rome.

Other points to emphasize

In 1995-Rauma (Finland)
Exhibition organized by the Ministry of Education and Culture of Finland and the Museum "Rauman Taidemuseo"

In 2007, Acquisition, by the Vatican Museums, of a gouache called "Pieta bretonne"

Numerous works classified by the Royal Institute of the Artistic Heritage of Belgium including (Christ in Cross Forest / Brussels, Way of Cross in Jemappe ......)

Monograph - Paul Caso, Denis Coekelberghs, Alexis Gloaguen

BENEZIT Paris Volume 2, pp. 295 and 296

His work