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De bie eugene - provence/paris


During a stay in Provence in the summer of 1972, Eugène De Bie painted several landscapes of this region including this beautiful oil made in the village of Saint-Paul-en-Forêt.

The first mention of St. Paul was noted in the Cartulary of Lérins Abbey in the eleventh century, with the gift of the village, by the heirs of William III, Count of Provence, and the consecration of the church by Gaucelme, Bishop of Frejus. In 1391, the troops of Viscount de Raimond de Turenne, en route to Italy, destroyed several villages in the region.

It was in the first years of the eighteenth century that was built the current church dedicated to St. Paul. It replaced a venerable sanctuary, which had been consecrated in 1030 by the bishop of Fréjus. This old church was destroyed in 1884 during the route of the Draguignan road.

Eugène De Bie, in addition to his two years of study at the Louvre School, made short trips to Paris during his travels in Brittany.

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