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Tibor dengyel - artiste hongroi

Tibor Dengyel
Kolozsvar/Romania (Hungary until 1920) 8 November 1913 - Brussels 31 May 2000

Coming from a family which count a large number of painters (amateurs), Tibor Dengyel showed very early an interest for the art world. He participated at his first exhibition at the age of 14 with a self-portrait and enters at the "French national art school" at Kolozsvar three years later.
Being appointed to serve in the Romanian army in 1935, he runs very quickly and arrives in Budapest where he finishes his study at the "French national school" before studying art history at the University of the city. In 1948, he obtains a grant ot the Hungarian state, leaves for Belgium and settles in Brussels.

His first order is the restoration of frescoes in the church Saint-Servais in Schaerbeek/Brussels. Since 1949 Tibor Dengyel's career divides between travels in Europe, the realization of many Belgian personalities' portraits, different restorations works, press drawings, teaching of painting and restoration of paintings as well as series of exhibitions in Belgium, France, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Italy and in Hungary where a large retrospective exhibition of his work took place in Budapest in 1997.

Besides numerous orders of portraits and restoration works, Tibor Dengyel created considerable and diversify works. Landscapes, views of cities, popular or folk types, nudes, bunches of flowers, imaginary compositions and earthy sceneries of kermesses or of carnival are his predilection themes. ..

Didier Paternoster Bachelor of Art History (ULB Brussels)