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Buisson de lilas devant l'isba - huile s/toile - 65x80 - kiev - 1923-1983

His daughter Larissa remembers the painter Victor Sevastianov, "He loved to draw from nature. "I don't fall asleep until I make three sketches," he used to say. Bright, vivid colours predominated in his father's paintings. Art critics are inclined to consider him an impressionist, although he tried his hand at different genres".
It was in V. Sevastianov's landscapes that his very fine individual vision and his particular perception of colour manifested itself. The artist's lyrical and romantic paintings are either silent and dreamy or gently moved, but always deeply sincere. Each of his landscapes reflects a certain state of mind: fine, lyrical tonal proportions of blue-grey, grey-green, whose range of colours gives the feeling of harmony, calm, reticence; and the expression of bright red, green, yellow which express action, awakening.
V. Sevastianov was an extremely modest man. A large part of his paintings have no signature or even a title. He never thought that his works would see the world. Since in Soviet times deviations from the line of the Communist Party in art or any free thought were forbidden and severely punished. There was no room for creative research in this soulless totalitarian system, and impressionism was totally excluded as a harmful manifestation of bourgeois culture. This is precisely what makes the painter's works all the more important and interesting for us today, his personality all the more vivid.